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Distribution Center

So much more than just a warehouse.

Commercial Warehousing currently owns and operates 14 warehouse distribution centers in Florida. We’re everywhere because whether you run a local businesses, eCommerce or a Fortune 100 company, chances are you need to be everywhere, too. If your company requires temperature controlled, dry or frozen environments, and  a customer-focused, technology-driven, and relationship-centric warehouse distribution center, Commercial Warehousing is ready and organized for your success.

Why Choose Us?

Truth be told: We enjoy working out the details it takes to achieve your company’s goals. We don’t just say it, we prove it by establishing crystal clear KPIs with you. After all, it’s difficult to manage what you don’t measure. That’s why Commercial Warehousing tracks dock-to-stock pick accuracy, on-time staging, loading times and order accuracy with some of the most advanced technology in the field.

Owning the buildings allows us the flexibility to scale your operations in a short period of time. And our distribution services are vast and include pick-pack, cross docking, fulfillment, VMI, distribution and logistics. At Commercial Warehousing, we’re organized for your success – and you’ll see why with our myriad of value-added distribution services.

Why else should you choose Commercial Warehousing?

  • Cold chain ready – we’re pros with on-time deliveries and what’s necessary to achieve them when dealing with produce, fresh meats, dairy, medical, retail and other temperature-sensitive products
  • Poly Pack® and ARPAC packaging technology – get state-of-the-art, high-velocity packaging system that can be calibrated for to your specific needs
  • VMI  Vendor Managed Inventory and project management – our in-warehouse, real-time analytics and state-of-the-art inventory control capability gives us complete control over optimized inventory turns, fill rates and quality control, allowing quick adaptation to customer or supplier needs
  • Consulting – our seasoned 3PL veterans can offer you the solutions you need for your warehouse building, supply chain and more
  • Transportation with no bounds – Commercial Warehousing’s locations were selected specifically to streamline intermodal operations: We can transport and distribute goods from our distribution warehouses via truck or rail
  • Countless options to fit your supply chain – we can provide you with pick and pack distribution, cross-dock operations, transloading and much more – all in an effective and efficient manner


We’re not just a warehousing company: We’re a full-service 3PL, offering warehousing, distribution and packaging services, designed to keep your goods moving to where they need to go. Our 14 warehouses throughout Central and Northern Florida are well-positioned to serve the entire state of Florida quickly and efficiently. These distribution warehouses combine for more than 2.5 million square feet of ambient, refrigerated and cold storage. Do we have space for you? You bet.

By outsourcing your packing, warehousing and distribution, you’ll be saved from having to buy buildings, buy trucks and hire extra employees to do the work. Our staff will handle everything you need so you can concentrate on your business. Just give us a call to learn more about our distribution warehousing and other services. We’d be happy to show you the power of partnering with Commercial Warehousing.

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